The Venusian Bundle (The Venusian Cycle #1 and #2)

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The Venusian Job (Book 1): When you’re running from an interstellar crime lord, what better place could you find to hide than a maximum-security prison orbiting a black hole? Emily Van Lars, a.k.a The Engineer, the galaxy’s most famous thief, thought The Trench was the perfect hideaway after Kaiser Turpin murdered her partner when she refused to take his proffered contract.

With her cover blown and Turpin threatening to take apart her life—one friend or former lover at a time—Emily is forced to escape prison and race across space in the company of a mercenary who thinks a bullet will solve every problem. Adding a psychopath and a cypher to her motley crew wasn’t the best plan she ever made, but desperation forces hard choices. She would need every ally she could muster to beat Turpin at his own game and take on The Venusian Job.

Corona Burning (Book 2): In the action-packed sequel to The Venusian Job, Emily “The Engineer” Van Lars and her motley crew of mercenaries and madmen must take on soldiers, criminals, aliens and an artificial intelligence bent on destroying the known galaxy.

Emily knows it is all on her. She was the one who released Corona and she is the one that must stop it. To do so, she must first capture the prize that has led Corona, the Kaiser and the Confederacy to the massive gas planet, Troth 3B.

As the true nature of the ancient Venusian ship orbiting deep within the atmosphere becomes clear, Emily is forced to confront the bizarre mystery that lies at the heart of a long-dead civilization. It will take all of her ingenuity, courage and compassion if she is to thwart Corona and save the universe and, maybe, in the process, save herself, as well.

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