I am Ryan T McFadden

Three-Time Aurora Award Winning Author

I’m a horror and fantasy writer with short stories, novellas and books published through Absolute Press, Edge SF&F, Bundoran Press, and Dragon Moon Press.

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Ryan T. McFadden is a writer of fantasy and horror, with short stories and novellas published through Dragon Moon Press, Edge SF & F, and Absolute X-Press. In 2014, his novella Ghost in the Machine won the Aurora Award (Canada’s most prestigious award for SF&F) for Short Fiction.

His motley past involved such dangerous work as database administration, ice cream flavouring (seriously, that’s a thing), hockey league administration, screen printing, web design, furniture building, and home renovations.

He lives in London with his two beautiful, but sometimes diabolical daughters, who he is sure are plotting to one day overthrow him.

Gerald Brandt: The Courier

Gerald Brandt: The Courier

Like I said: a lot of friends with book releases last week. Today we have another SF Noir (my fav kind of book) from Gerald Brandt called The Courier. Not only is Gerald my buddy, but he hit it big with this book. If I said 'he's published through...

My Reading List for 2015

My Reading List for 2015

I've never actually tracked the books I read in a year - because that simply sounds like a little too much organization for me. But considering I read very few dead-tree editions, it's pretty simple now: just look at my kobo list, my kindle list,...

This is not the guitar you are looking for…(wave of hand)

This is not the guitar you are looking for…(wave of hand)

I had this guitar.  Kari bought it for me a couple of years ago but I never played it (didn't have time for lessons, and couldn't figure it out on my own).  So I put it on Kijiji for $75.  Yes, $75.  It was used, not in the best condition, and $75....

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