Cursed: Black Swan (A Fixer Novel)

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“Let’s get one thing straight—I’m a fixer. You need someone murdered? Then hire an assassin. You need something stolen? Call a thief. But if there’s something no one else can do, or a job that no one else wants, then you talk to me.”

Nathaniel specializes in the strange, the weird, and the dangerous. But no matter how far he runs, he can’t leave behind his bloody past, nor the ghosts that chase him.

His latest job was supposed to be simple – steal the sword Black Swan. Except there’s no such thing as a simple job. When the operation goes bad, the Crucifiers, the Crooked Hand, assassins, and Crusaders are all hot on Nathaniel’s trail…for a sword he doesn’t even have. All he has to do to get it back and set his world right is to find the woman of his dreams…and kill her.

Cursed: Black Swan is the first book in a new non-sequential fantasy series. Nathaniel is a fixer, a man who tries to outrun a past that won`t be left behind, taking jobs that no one else will do.

Imagine if Terry Pratchett’s Guild of Assasins were handed over to Clive Barker and shoved through a time machine, then you’d have something like Cursed.  I am always appreciative of sarcastic humor and traditional scifi/fantasy tropes, and this one has it in spades.  Nathaniel is more of an anti-hero than you typically see in this type of book, someone I found uniquely refreshing.  Recommended for the older crowd, there’s some devilish behaviour to be sure. – Mama Reads Hazel Sleeps

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