Broken Time Blues

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Sandwiched between the horrors of the two Great Wars, the 1920s stand out as a glittering, transformative spectacle in history. Spurred by World War I, waves of immigration, innovation, and cultural change surged through America and the rest of the world. Not for nothing does that era bear the names the Roaring 20s, the Golden Twenties, and the Jazz Age. It was brief, glitzy, seedy, and marked by competing tensions; perhaps destined to crash in spectacular fashion.

For fictional purposes, the grit and glamour of the decade combine into the headiest of potions. Flappers and jazz stars; ugly racial inequalities; veterans in hidden gin joints drowning their sorrows with cheap alcohol brought from the mountains by men with fast cars and faster tongues.

Broken Time Blues captures the raging spirit of the times, both light and dark, and adds a twist of fantasy and science fiction.

Come on a ride with us, through the speakeasies and the mountain stills. Grab a drink and read stories about things that might have been, or maybe were.

About the Editors:

Jaym Gates met herself coming through three doors the other day, and the world split asunder…sorry. Really, she’s PR Manager for Raw Dog Screaming Press; editor of Crossed Genres Magazine; publicist for underground entertainment media group NBTV; editor of the anthology Rigor Amortis; and author, volunteer, and blogger.

Erika Holt is a proud native of Calgary, Canada, a cold place where she lives. She keeps busy by writing speculative fiction, reading slush for Scape (the ezine of young adult, speculative fiction), and editing anthologies with Jaym Gates. Her first short stories appear in “Evolve 2: Vampire Stories of the Future Undead” (EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing) and “Shelter of Daylight” (Sam’s Dot Publishing).

Stories and Contributors:

The Sharing by James L. Sutter
Chickadee by Frank Ard
Semele’s Daughter by John Nakamura Remy
The Automatic City By Morgan Dempsey
Button Up Your Overcoat by Barbara Krasnoff
Nor the Moonlight by Andrew Penn Romine
Jack and the Wise Birds by Lucia Starkey
Madonna and Child, In Jade by Amanda C. Davis
Der Graue Engel by Jack Graham
The Purloined Ledger by Ari Marmell
Fight Night by Ryan McFadden
A Drink for Teddy Ford by Robert Jackson Bennett

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