Blood and Water

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Conflicts over resources are as old as human history.

Climate change, along with continued population expansion and changes to the world economic order, adds a significant new factor to the equation. We can live without diamonds and gold, we can even find alternatives to oil, but water, food, land, and air are irreplaceable.

Blood & Water presents an impressive collection of writers representing every region of the country whose stories are set from coast to coast to coast.

Mostly science fiction, with a sprinkling of the fantastic, Blood and Water presents a bleak future – but also offers hope and even joy.

Perhaps that is the ‘uniquely Canadian perspective’- every conflict has a resolution, every problem has an answer.


“Hayden Trenholm has gathered an amazing array of stories about conflict over resources. He’s attracted some of the best names in the business and found astonishing newcomers. A must-read for lovers of good fiction.”
 Robert J. Sawyer, Hugo Award-winning author of Triggers

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