Since Writer’s Fest 2007, I have written 11,000 words for the Secret of Folloman Finn. Now, I was hoping to write 10,000 words that weekend alone (hahaha!) but in two weeks, I’ve nearly written a 1000 words a day. Which is a great total. It takes one or two hours a day, but it keeps me writing and in the flow.

In three weeks, I head to the World Fantasy Convention. I’d like to go there with 50,000 words completed. Seems like a nice total. That’s 3 weeks from now…so if I can keep up to a 1000 words a day, I should hit that total.

Not that I’ll be pitching this book before it’s finished. I WILL hit the dreaded ‘dead’ spots (this is when I write has written in the outline ‘then stuff happens’).