Windows XP Still the Best — so says Foxnews. And I tend to believe them.

Windows Vista is a pig for memory. While it makes hardware manufacturers very happy I presume ($300 computers just don’t cut it any more) it doesn’t really offer anything new. In other words, I don’t see the point.

Linux — don’t know anything about it and I was always afraid to try. Not sure how much stuff works on it. In other words, for a little bit of improvement, it could add a lot of extra work.

Mac — I only worked on a Mac for about six months. It was okay but I didn’t like that I was limited by the software choices. I’ve always said they were good computers, but you pay for that. They’re pretty user friendly, though if you’re used to a PC, they do have some differences. I had to call John a few times when I first started using it (help, I can’t get the disk out of the drive!…what do you mean I put the disk icon into the trash, I don’t want to erase it!).

Of course, Apple the company is every marketer’ dream. This is a company where users are 100% loyal. When ‘fans’ actually cheer the CEO like he’s a rock star, you know they’ve reached a new level. Seriously — it’s just a company people. They’re stuff is built in Chinese factories just like everyone else’s crap.

Windows XP — sure, it has problems, but I love the fact that you can customize anything, and everything is made for it. There are security issues, but I’d say that’s more because it’s the #1 OS…so everyone guns for it. Nothing that a good firewall and some extra software can’t solve. Stability is pretty good. Not fantastic, but again, this OS is built for tens of thousands of hardware components.

The following quote is how he ended the article…which is pretty much what I’ve always told everyone (if you aren’t computer saavy, spend the extra cash and buy a Mac):

Recommend that your mom get a Mac. (You’ll thank me when she doesn’t call you for tech support.)

Recommend that your IT department’s Web server run on some variant of Unix.

But for your own PC, and for the PCs of people like you — it’s XP all the way.