It’s colder here than in Edmonton.

I didn’t believe anyone so I decided to fly out there and find out. Oh, and I went to see a couple of friends: Bev and Eileen….my writing compatriots from Banff. The highlight of the trip was talking about writing. Critiques, suggestions, brain storming.

They helped me with the Secret of Folloman Finn. Well, not the secret. I already know the secret. They helped me with Bartimus Glenn and Amber…and their twisted, double double-crossing relationship.

However, it wasn’t all roses. I’m very upset at Eileen. When I went out there, I was quite content that my TV and its various components were spread out across my basement.

Until I saw her movie room. Damn you, woman. Damn you to hell. She had a projector, the movie screen, and the sound system — and it was all hooked up so you could, you know, watch stuff on it. Wow, was that ever cool.

Anyways, back to the weather (because weather is sooo exciting). Do you know that if it’s a ‘dry cold’ but it’s minus 15 that it’s still cold?