Okay, I’ve been delinquent. A dead-beat blogger.

I’ve been experiencing ‘bloggers-block’. What the hell is bloggers block? Well, it’s when stories that seem mildly amusing just don’t make it to the computer screen. Here are some things I thought about writing the past month (but didn’t bother):

– two rejections (not major ones…for flash fiction from sections I carved out of my novels)

– built ANOTHER media center (I could’ve just taken my first story, or second, renamed it, and posted it here)

– recent study shows that too much coddling of babies and toddlers can lead to problems later in life. from Time Magazine.

– George the tenant is gone (yet the smell of grease lingers)…

-Horton Hears a Who SUCKED

It just hasn’t been a banner month. Boring? Never. Newsworthy…nah.