Okay, I love the buddy movie as much as the next guy — but remember when guys used to show their love by smashing the friend’s cars (Lethal Weapon 2), humiliate them (Animal House), and abuse them in myriad ways (American Pie)

Now, however, the buddy movie has moved into the platonic sub category. I just watched Blades of Glory — which of course, has all forms of guy-guy jokes. But really, at it’s core, it’s about two guys who become, well, platonic boyfriends. That an easy one. And it’s a terrible movie so I wouldn’t want to read too much into it.

But then there’s Superbad — a typical ‘let’s get laid before the summer’s over’ movie. Except again, the two main characters have a full romantic relationship without the sex –complete with arguments (you never listen to me) and a cringe inducing ‘pillow-talk’ scene when they continue to get closer to each other while proclaiming that they want the whole world to know their love.

Then there’s 300 — where it’s okay to wear a cod piece as long as you’re killing elephants, enemies, sharks, whatever. Ahhh, look at the warriors loving each other in a purely non-threatening platonic battle.

Have a hit upon a larger theme? No. Just a trend that I’ve seen develop since 40 Year Old Virgin. Was it the first to start the trend? I’m not sure. Probably not.

So in light of that, a big squishy bear hug (without the reach around) goes out to all my male readers. Because that’s what 2007 is all about. Guy love. Without the penises.