Locke Lamora, conman, thief…what more needs to be said.

The success of Scott Lynch bodes well for me. Why? Because I’m pinning my hopes on Nathaniel, my character who is an amalgam of the swashbuckling characters I grew up with. He’s a liar, a cheat, a thief, an assassin…

And up until now, when people would ask ‘what’s it like?’ I couldn’t ever give them an answer. Now I can. It’s like Locke Lamora. Which is great, because Scott Lynch is doing very well with this series.

Red Seas Under Red Skies is the second in the series and as enjoyable as the first (actually, I think I liked this one a little more). There were a few minor problems…mostly the editing. Yup, the editing. There were repeated sentences (a cut and paste job…but they forgot the ‘cut part’ so they just copied the line to the next paragraph), an entire page of italics, and several misspelled words.

But the fact that he’s created a sub-genre (how about the conman fantasy genre) is very good for me. Geez, this review isn’t much about the book at all?

Well, it has several over complicated plans (that aren’t really important, kind of like Ocean’s 11), Jean falls for someone, Lamora steals stuff, Lamora cons people, there are pirates, and there’s LOTS of swearing.

But I like these books. I have been added to his permanent readership — I now look forward to the release dates. And for a writer, I guess that’s what he wanted to do.