I finished it a couple of weeks ago…

And normally, I wouldn’t have finished this book. In fact, I wouldn’t have gotten past page 50. But, I remember being told that as a writer that I should be reading books — both good and bad. Good to see what went right, and bad to see what went wrong.

I can give you 20 reasons why Nightlife shouldn’t have been published. Easy. But you know, it was his first novel and I kind of felt bad for him — knowing that he probably wouldn’t get to do a second.

So I go to his website — and find out he has a 4 book deal…and this is a successful series. Ugh. A bestselling fantasy series (not to be confused with NY Time Best Seller).

Man, was I pissed. Why? Because everything I’ve been told about being published…was pretty much ignored with this book. So is it just a crap shoot? Is it just being noticed in a room full of 1000 other people?

I don’t even want to get to the problems. Too many to list. And sure, certain books you can ignore problems if it’s an entertaining read. Or you can set aside disbelief to buy into the writer’s world. Not this book. He contradicts himself in so many places…with characters that I don’t even care about (in fact, Niko, the brother, downright annoyed me).

And the dialogue…ack. Okay, I said I wasn’t going to list problems.

Not recommended.