I’m actually thinking of suing the writer of His Majesty’s Dragon. Why? Because I stayed up way too late, too nights in a row, which then meant I got sick. And really sick. Gargle with broken glass (because gargling with unbroken glass doesn’t really hurt) type of sick.

This book was fantastic. It’s a ‘what-if’ type of book. As in: What If the Napoleonic wars also had an aerial corps — which was composed of Dragons? That’s a pretty cool What if. The story moves very quickly (they find the egg on page 2) and then the whole training thing, battles, move to war…etc.

She’s nailed the feel of the 1800s (well, I’m assuming she’s nailed — because how the hell would I know?), and the Dragons themselves are pretty cool. Not only are they Dragons, with a Rider, but they have an entire aerial corps. Each dragon is ridden by several men, including boarding parties (to board other dragons), riflemen (to attack ships), bombers (ummm, kind of explanatory).

I label this a must read.

Even if it makes you sick.