A good premise — what if the lone female werewolf, trying to live in the human world, was commanded to return to the Pack to help them fight for their very survival.

I can see why it was a HUGE hit. Seriously. I also wonder why more males don’t read romance books. You know, to figure out what makes chicks tick. Because this one was a housewife’s wet dream (ummm, is that possible). You know, the one chick in werewolfdom, who can’t decide what she wants, has to travel back to her Pack to face an unknown threat.

Now the Pack, of course, are all males. All perfectly sculpted males with flowing curls, brilliant smiles, and they love to get naked. And they all want Elena (the heroine) in some regard (daughter figure, sex figure, sister figure, whatever).

Of course, the Threat is really just MORE werewolves who also want Elena. You get the idea.

And darn it all — she just can’t decide who she wants!

Lots of sex…but not ‘guy’ sex, sadly. Lot’s of ‘then he was insider, they rode the wave of passion’…yada, yada. I really should’ve read the sex scenes, you know, so I could use that in my everyday life to get more sex for myself. Like who knew that tying the chick to a tree was one of their fantasies? Now I do. Now I do.

As usual, this is the first book in a long series (the Women of the Otherworld) and I have a feeling that they’ll probably get much better, more complex, and more textured worlds.

It’s hard to rate this book because I’m not the target audience. Of all the books I’ve read recently, this is one I can truthfully say isn’t meant for me. All this passion and stuff really makes my robotic innards squirm.