The Women of the Apocalypse raced up the charts…in Calgary this week.  #4 on their bestseller list.  “Wait a minute” you’re saying.  “You don’t live in Calgary!  Are you (once again) riding the coattails of the Three Ladies From the WestTM?”  Well of course I am!  Working smarter, not harder.  It’s what got me through university and life in general.  If you want to hear the REAL reason…check out after the jump.

Well, my sales efforts in London have been thwarted.  By other writers (no good sons o’ bitches).  Seems that all the shelf space at Chapters have been taken up by local writers.  And I’ll have to wait in the queue.  But perhaps this is a good thing.  Maybe I’ll reset a launch date — say March 1st.  That’s the official launch date for Women of the Apocalypse in Southern Ontario.  That gives me three months to get my book out there for reviews in newspapers, articles, press releases.  Start to build up a network — contact every Chapters in Ontario about carrying the book as of March 1st.  Perhaps.
Also, the now legendary Three Ladies From the WestTM may’ve hit on something that is extremely important — booksales need to be through a cash register. Sure, we don’t make any money (in fact, we lose money) but when that happens, WotA goes onto some magically list to tabulate bestsellers.