This whole procedure is taking a lot more time then I had ever
anticipated. I finally sat down and am forcing myself into the
editing process for Nathaniel. The main complaint from the
editor was the overuse of the word ‘I’. For instance, “I saw the two
men do something.” Or “I heard the sound of grunting camels.”
Instead, it should be “Two men did something” and “The Camels

My plan has always been to finish the editing when I’m on vacation
the week of July 26th. Going at the rate I am, that sounds about
right. I’ll go up to my Mom’s cottage, armed with my laptop, and
finish the third (and so far most grueling) edit.

Of course, I’m still trying to work on It’s a lot of fun but it’s
more graphically intense than this page ( so
it’s taking me a while longer. I’m actually really only stuck on two
images: an ancient city, much like a turkish city; and Nathaniel,
dangling from burning rope. Of course, creating those images is
beyond my capabilities so I’ll have to turn to someone else to
help me out there (Brian…John?). Once that page is launched, it’ll be
very intensive to keep it up to date.