I’ve started my first short story in 8 years. I actually have to say that I’ve kind of enjoyed it. Challenging yes. As you can see from the headline, I’m calling it The Sorcerer’s Wife.

First line: I hated funerals and I hated sorcerers. Damn, this was going to be a bad day.

It’s an urban fantasy. Goblins, Scepters of Corpse Explosion, Femme Fatals, Sorcerers — you know, the usual.

I had wanted to be finished the first draft by the end of this weekend. I’m at 2500 words now…with a target of 5000. I’ll probably finish at around 7000, then cut about 2000. So I’m on target for my word count.

My goal is to be finished the last draft by October 20th. So three weeks to finish this thing and whip it into shape. No problem, you say?

Yeah, except I’m trying to finish 3 bathrooms, a kitchen, a fence, and a whole crapload of other things in the new house…