Marketing companies have become exceptionally nefarious. Have you been called (usually at the dinner hour) by a 1-800 number only to have no one answer? Now, we don’t usually answer our phone anyways (because it’s dead, can’t be found, or we simply don’t care) but occasionally, we do. Seriously.

Anyways, this 1-800 number keeps calling us. Over, and over. I finally answer because they call a lot. But no one is ever there. So I finally called the 1-800 number back. Automated message by Gemma corporation: If you want to hear our great marketing options, please hit 1. If you want to be removed from our system, please call 18820201039 (dashes removed to emphasize the quickness of speaking).

Screw that.

So I let my fingers do the walking…there you are: 416-256-1800.

Operator: Gemma Com
Me: Is this Gemma?
Operator: Gemma Com
Me: So Gemma?
Operator: Yes.
Me: What time is it?
Operator: I’m not sure.
Me: I’ve called to chat.
Operator: I’m sorry?
Me: I’ve called to have a little conversation with you.
Operator: I’m not following.
Me: Well, you keep calling and wasting my time, so now I’m calling and wasting yours.
Operator: Oh. Uhhh, do you want to be removed from our list?
Me: Nope.
Operator: How can I help you then?
Me: Oh nothing. But everytime you call me, I’m going to call you. So we can chat.
Operator: Everytime?
Me: Yup.
Operator: That’s not very nice.
Me: No, no it’s not.

Of course, Kari then followed it up approximately 2 minutes later when Sears marketing called. She simply hit talk on the phone, then put the phone down…hopefully preventing them disconnecting. Simple, but effective.