I began writing my sixth novel today. Titled The Secret of Folloman Finn this is a stand alone book (learned my lesson from the Sons of Blasphemy — a sequel to a book that was never published) but features Nathaniel, three years before the events of Curse of the Black Swan.

So he’s a little colder, a little more calculating, but also with a little bit of a soul left — and a good dose of self-preservation (of which he has none in Curse of the Black Swan).

I have scripted the first half of the book pretty extensively. Haven’t done anything past that except for generalizations. I was falling into the ‘doing anything but writing’ trap that I sometimes get into.

So while I have a ton of other projects , I started writing, which is a good thing.

I like this story. I like it a lot. I think it has some really good twists, features Nathaniel (whom I like), and has some great secondary characters…