I don’t like things put in my eye. Fingers? Nope, don’t like it. Elbows — not particularly fond. Sharp sticks? Naw. Glass shards. Not a chance.

How about a nice, wet, glump of drywall mud?

It was a perfect shot. It fell right onto my eyeball without being impeded by eyelids, eyelashes, sockets…nothing. It gooped me right in the freaking eye. Of course, my eye immediately quashes shut, grinding the mud up around the eyeball into the recesses of my brain.

Did I mention that this was fast-drying drywall compound? Yeah, so I then couldn’t open my eye to flush it out. I think about a pound gooped me.

Of course, the only source of water in the house is down in the basement. Which wouldn’t be bad except the stairs were covered in scaffolding. You know, a strange thing happens when you can only see with one eye — you lose all depth perception. Huh. How about that.

I didn’t break my neck (I know, some of you are assuming I didn’t because I’m writing this…but for all you know, I could’ve mastered one of those speech-typers) and I made it to the bathroom.

Specials thanks to Kari for chasing me around the room splashing water in my face. Enjoyed that.