The end is coming…the end is coming!  And you can spread the word of the apocalypse.  I’ve setup an affiliate program* for Women of the Apocalypse, the forthcoming book to be released October 31st by Absolute Xpress (an imprint of the award-winning Hades Publications in Calgary, Alberta).

This affiliate program is just one aspect of our online strategy to promote the book (more on that in a later post). There are a lot of exciting initiatives that we’re undertaking to spread the word of our novel.

This one, however, allows our social networks to help promote the book — while also earning a commission for every book sold.  The process is very easy, and merely involves a link or banner (your choice how much space you want to devote) to the promotion.  To get started, follow this link

* Some Common Questions:

1. Why are you trying to get me to sell your book?

Women of the Apocalypse is in limited release.  That means it’s from a small press and major book chains won’t carry it unless a) I beg them to b) someone special orders it.  So you can see that I need to open up NEW portals.  It’s on Amazon (of course) but again, no one will know about it.  So by becoming an affiliate, you have a chance to earn money (there’s that money thing again – more on that below) and you allow us to spread the word of our book.

2. How do I become an affiliate?

You go to and sign up.  While there are extensive directions, to condense it — once you’ve signed up, there are various links you can add to your website/blog/facebook page.  These are banners, or even a text link (for emails).  Just copy and paste.  If anyone clicks on those links and buys a book, it is attributed to you (even if they don’t buy right away — the affiliate program keeps track of it for 21 days) and you earn a commision.

3. What about shipping and fulfillment?

We do all of that.  You do nothing except put the link on your page (and hopefully promote it).

4. So…I just put that link there…and do nothing?

Yup.  Promote it, if you’d like (and we hope).  It’s just a link.  Easy, eh?  Then do it here:

5. Okay, about the money….

For every book sold, you make $5.  Yup, $5 for a little link (or banner, whatever you choose) on your site.  We Paypal it to you.  There, done.