I’ve finally discovered the missing key to my recent work entitled the Revolutionary Man. I’m really happy with this newest ‘key’. I’m already near 40,000 words, and I want to aim for 100,000 so this key was really important.

What was so unique is that I had written in several parts of my book but I had no clue what it meant. You see, the main character, Logan Constinople, had a near death experience near the bottom of the ocean during a diving accident. Instead of lights and orgasmic reactions, he instead is filled with dread. He roars towards an all encompassing mass that slides by his vision at terrific speeds, shapes coelescing in the surface, voices whispering in his ear. He doesn’t know what it means….

And neither did I until it all came to me one night.

This book…awesome. It’ll top anything I’ve written to date. More daring, more difficult, and actually five years in the making. I even love the name: the Revolutionary Man.