I don’t do resolutions.

Because I’m a grinch, or something like that. I do goals but not resolutions. And I’m listing them now because the New Year is a great signpost. Many of these I’ve decided over the past two months…which is they’re also not officially resolutions. Here goes:

1. More ‘me’ time…(this is the primary…gotta quit doing all my schemes to ‘get ahead’ Which means no more renos for a while…however, this goal leads into…)

2. Increase the writing pace (one short story a month, at least one chapter edited a month, begin planning next novel). I’ve been pretty much on pace for the one short story a month, but I’ve been neglecting other facets of my writing.

3. Find a family house (one that we stay in for at least five years)

4. Setup my woodworking shop (sweet!)

5. Con my way into buying a General Table Saw. Cast Iron construction, 220 V, 14amps, 420lbs. I’ve buried this goal down here…because if Kari does happen to swing by my page (ha!), she’ll never know my plans because the first four plans will have bored her into switching to another page…

But how can I afford such an awesome saw? Why, I could do a couple of extra side jobs…