Yes, the annual Paint-A-Thon at the McFadden household. A special thanks to all those who helped out (though it was so much fun, I should be charging them).

John and Danielle made this their second annual Paint-Til-You Drop event, but this was baby Emelia’s first year in attendance. She was a great help…falling asleep in the middle of a hectic household.

Originally, I didn’t want Leslie to come…because she doesn’t own her own house…and I don’t like ‘renters’ but since she bought her house yesterday, I decided to let her help her come. It also helps her case that Addy is Paige’s best friend.

Kari’s friend Carrie (yes, I know) has made this her THIRD Paint-A-Thon. At one point, she was the only one painting. Good for her!

Also good news is that Paige and Cordy found their new day care lady. Her link is here . I think she’s perfect for the job.

Brian fit the job perfectly, spare rags and all. Though oddly, not a drop of paint on him at the end. Hmmm.

Special thanks to everyone…and we’ll see you next year.