While my search for an agent has officially reached a dead end, I have some more good news on the short story front.  I received word today that Sinister Tales will be purchasing my short story entitled Dignity Memorial. Sinister Tales is interesting because it’s another print publication.  Not that print is better (in fact, several of the larger magazines are electron only) but I like it because it shows that someone is actually putting together a physical product. 

What is Dignity Memorial?  Well:  Doctor Penghoul, caretaker of the prestigious Boneyard, finds that his graveyard has become a dangerous place — someone has been killing him nightly, which is disrupting his busy schedule. While time is ticking toward his next meeting with an all-important client, he must get to the bottom of his own murders. Of course, clones and voodoo overlords make the night far more lively than he’d like.

I’m not sure when it’s due out…I only received a fairly cryptic email stating that it’ll be in issue 4.2.