You know how you sometimes leave those movies and it takes you a few days just to appreciate how good it was? Sometimes you’re left sitting in your seat, blinking at the rolling credits, saying aloud ‘WTF did I just watch’? Some movies that come to mind are Fargo (I literally stared at the screen until all the credits were over, then turned off the TV and stared at the blank screen), American Beauty, Dead Man Walking, the English Patient.

Indiana Jones and the Last Gasp of the Baby-Boomers is the opposite. I left the theater wondering what form of Shyst I had just watched. But as it festered, rotted, and otherwise decomposed in my memories, it got much, much worse.

For the life of me, I haven’t been able to figure out why critics liked it. My theory, of course, is that the critics are Baby Boomers and this movie appealed to them. They liked seeing a 63 year old man acting like he was 35, beating up an endless supply of CCCP soldiers in front of a green screen with terrible special effects. It made them feel young again. Even the crap script couldn’t seem to put a damper on their blast from the past.

But fanboys have united (am I fanboy? I didn’t think I was…but this movie REALLY annoyed me). Remember when the Fonz was dared to ‘Jump the Shark’ and an entire phrase was born?

Looks like Lucas has brought us something just as endearing. Nuked the Fridge. Simple translation: a show veers into the ludicrous, destroying continuity, believability, and is usually a signal that the end is near (editors note: the producers of Indy should’ve noted that the end was near with the series WHEN HE RODE OFF INTO THE SUNSET 18 years ago).

Check out the website: It’s a pretty good ‘scoops’ page (as a side note, I see that plans are almost in place for an Arrested Development movie).