I don’t rant on this blog. Oh, I’ll rant at you if I have you in person where you can’t get away — but no one really wants to hear another person complaining…and they definitely don’t want to read about someone complaining. But this one’s been bugging me for a while.

The whole global warming thing.

I don’t know why people are arguing about it. Honestly. Who cares if you can prove that the earth warmed 800 years ago. Who cares if our planet should be strong enough to deal with the crap we churn out.

My question is simple: why does it hurt to be a little ecologically responsible? Why does recycling upset some people? Why does Fox News still argue against global warming (calling it a myth). Seriously.

If we can preserve some of the planet…awesome. Do we have to have a reason to do it? We’re all consumers (damn, townies!) and we’re all going to buy. But if you can buy the recycled products over the non-recycled products and it costs you 10 cents, why not? If you can forgo drive-thrus to save a little bit of smog…if you can recycle, compost, and otherwise divert garbage…what’s the harm? If you can watch energy consumption (thereby keeping emissions, both from Coal and Nuclear low), why not?

It’s like there’s this underlying theme with the corporate world — they don’t want people to feel guilty as they fill up their SUVs (hey, I have a minivan but we’re thinking of downsizing), or buy their uranium lollipops, or crank their AC units to 18 degrees* — nope, don’t want you to feel guilty while you’re consuming, so we’re going to fight against this global warming, so you can live your consumer life, so you don’t actually have to think about what your dollars are doing.

*Seriously, Walmart and Home Depot — turning off one bank of fluorescent lights is doing nothing…turn down the AC a few degrees — I shouldn’t need to wear a sweater in the middle of the summer.