My modest winning streak of two stories accepted came to a crashing halt today when Dead Letter Office was rejected by Abyss & Apex. So sad. The rejection came as so:

Thank you for submitting “Dead Letter Office” to ABYSS & APEX. We kept it for second round consideration but ultimately decided not to accept it for publication.

Damn. Dead Letter Office is one of my better stories (I think) but it’s longer. The other stories that found homes were under 3500 words. Which I think is key. Dead Letter Office is 7500 words (1/12th a novel). Which is why I’m concentrating on smaller works (under 3500).

No matter, I’ll give it a quick read one more time to look for grammar and spelling errors, then it’ll be back out before the end of the weekend. Now I have to sit back and wait for another 8 weeks to hear back. This sucks.