I have a secret.

It’s a great secret.

And it’s my key to coming home with an additional $1200 in my pocket. Unfortunately for me, I’ve lost my secret. It’s not in my money jar, and it’s not in my junk drawer. It’s not even in my bedside table.

Damn it, it’s gone.

I’m talking about my lucky Binion’s chip. Just a chip you say. But it’s not just a chip. You see, after a night of winning at Binions, I had 3 chips left in my pocket. I gave one to Brian and John…and we didn’t lose from that moment on. After the Bellagio gave us several hundred dollars, we even had our famous Ocean’s 11 closing scene — where we stared wistfully at the dancing water sprays.

That chip also meant I would never come home broke. I would always have $1 in my pocket.

But my chip is gone. And that means I will come back poor. The Bellagio is calling my name. And Caesars still owes me money (with interest) but I know I cannot win.

Does that matter? No. I will still go into the Den of Sin and I will battle.

But I will lose.

The Bellagio has waited two long years for its chance at revenge.

This weekend, we do battle again.