For some reason, I was sorting through my rejection letters. Actually, I know the reason, but I’ll save that for another day. Anyway, I’m sending out Curse of the Black Swan today to Daw books. They’re one of the few big names that doesn’t require an agent (which is why conventions are important — to bypass that requirement).

In the rejections, I found my first Daw rejection for Hunger of the Wolves. My first book. I never liked that book. It had some good parts, but it was my first novel so it was pretty much an A to B type book (predictable).

I learned a lot from writing, editing, and trying to sell that book. I learned my strengths (situational writing), I learned not to give my book to people who don’t like fantasy (because no matter how good it is, they still won’t like it). I learned what my readers liked. I learned…well…lots of things.

The rejection letter said: Well crafted and a lot better than most but predictable throughout. .

Wow — a lot better than most. Okay, not the most glowing of reviews, but still something. I thought I was onto something then — after all, I knew it was predictable. I wrote it that way.

The letter also stated to mention that rejection with each new submission. Which I guess is a little baby toe in the door.