How exciting, I’m in Ottawa on a meeting with Hockey Canada. Unfortunately, I’m on the black list for hookers (an unfortunate experience with an RV and five gallons of milk) so I’m hanging out with just me. Getting to know…me. Yawn.

Still, not a bad experience. I’m at the Westin, and it’s connected with EVERYTHING. Hotel, mall, food, gym. I never have to leave. My pasty-white skin never has to see the sun. Amazing.

Considering my meeting is 1.5 hours long — I don’t have a lot to do except write and read. Nice. My work on Folloman Finn has slowed…and I’m currently bogged down at 65K. It’ll pick back up soon. I’ve finished several books: the Scar (by China Mieville). Honestly, this guy is the best there is at world building. The BEST. But the WORST at telling a story. Ugh. Get on with it man. Do you really need 600 pages to tell a story that should fit in 250? Please don’t waste my time.

While I was in town, I picked up a book by Warren Ellis called Crooked Little Vein. It’s in the whole ‘film noir’ (ironic considering it’s written, not filmed) and already I’m impressed. Now this guy CAN tell a story.

It starts: I opened my eyes to see a rat taking a piss in my coffee cup.