WritingFest might be pushing it. It was one year ago this last weekend that I went to Banff and met Eileen and Bev. We’ve since met several times (once in Edmonton, another time in Victoria Beach).

This time, they got to make the trek to the metropolis of London, Ontario. The plan was simple: write during the day, socialize at night. Except we seemed to socialize throughout.

This is the word count:
Eileen — 3000 words (and officially the winner)
Ryan – 2300 words (not the winner, but not the loser)
Bev – 0 words (considered the loser)

This whole writing retreat idea is still in its infancy for us, so at least getting some words down was a plus. My problem was that I had been in editing mode for so long (3 months) that I shouldn’t have waited until this weekend to try to switch into writing mode. AND THE DAMN SCREEN KEPT BLINKING AT ME. Taunting me.

The weekend was a good time — I’ll miss my writing friends. During these get togethers I get to be a writer: debauchery, fist fights, larceny, booze and blackmail. Who wouldn’t want to live that life?

We went to North restaurant for some drinks on Thursday (seriously, how can anyone screw up a rum and coke — twice!). Friday night we went to the Tasting Room. I tried a couple sips of wine…then gave the rest to Bev (she’s a lush).

Saturday night ended up being a chocolate, ice cream, wine, and junk food night as we lamented about writing. Seems that I’m a girl afterall. Damn it. I’m finally a chick and there wasn’t one pillow fight to be had!

Sunday…well, Sunday Bev went to visit a friend (ahem) leaving Eileen and I to fend for ourselves. That entailed no booze (my gut couldn’t take anymore!) and chinese food, and a few episodes of Dextor.

Though I didn’t get a lot accomplished (though I did get feedback on the Nameless) it was still a great weekend. Really nice having writerly types around.

Our next gathering will actually only be a month from now at the World Fantasy Convention in New York.