Well, I missed the World Fantasy Convention. Not a biggie. There will be other conventions. Besides, this gives me an excuse to go somewhere else instead. Maybe to visit my writing friends…

But that didn’t mean I haven’t been doing anything. I was actually pretty pleased with myself this week. I decided I needed writing credits. It doesn’t matter where. I’ll take anything at this point. So I went through several of my novels and carved out 500-1000 word sections. Flash fiction, it’s called. Little snippets. Magazines supposedly like these small snippets because it’s perfect to fit into their needs (as opposed to a 30 page story).

Started sending those out to some semi-pro and paying markets. Right now I have six stories out. The most promising is still Drawing Dead, which is at the Intergalactic Medicine Show. The reason it would be the best is simply because the IGMS is a big magazine…so that would look great on a cover letter. Of course, they’ve had it since APRIL so at the same time, I’d like some closure on that either way.

On Sunday, when I was wallowing in self-pity for missing the WFC, I went out and bought the 2008 Guide to Literary Agents. I haven’t contacted agents in about 5-8 years (wow, I’ve been lazy) so I thought it time that I start sending out queries for my novels.