Not that boob. The other boob.

I need to watch more TV. Yup, a truly noble goal. It’s kind of wierd…not having a tv. Once you get over the ‘killing time’ mode that involves plopping down in front of the television, there really isn’t a lot you miss.

Movies? No one watches those on network television. Sports? I don’t really watch those (except the World Juniors which on TSNs broadband). Can’t Miss TV? Why bother when you can rent/burn the DVDs? Honestly, you don’t miss much. Waste time? That’s what the internet is for.

So why do I want to watch more television?

Because I’ve now commited a good chunk of change and untold hours developing my media centre. This fine doo-hickey is a computer, that will hold all my music, all our photos, videos, and turn our television into a PVR. As Kari announced last night: I can pause live tv! That’s right, LIVE tv. It also means that she can’t mistakenly tape THE PRICE IS RIGHT rather than LOST (I will never, ever forgive her for that) — because the Media Centre will take care of all that for us.

I’m still not finished yet. I still have to buy another video card…or a media blaster — because I have to send all this fancy to my television, rather than just watching it on a monitor.