So there I was, about to eat my peanut butter sandwich.  Before I take a bite, however, I am distracted by something on my computer (porn, no doubt).  When I return to my sandwich, I am once again distracted.  This time by something that Stephen Colbert and YouTube. Then researching Tony Edwards on Wikipedia (really, an actor?).  You know how the internets can kill a day.

In the meantime, I let my good friend ‘mousey’ (yes, a mouse) do what he does…take a few licks from my peanut butter jar.  He and I go way back so I don’t mind him helping himself.  Finally, after two hours of distractions, I return to my stale sandwich….as I’m about to take a bite, I stop before my mouth touches the crust…

Mousey is dead.

Poisoned!  By my peanut butter.

I blame Steve (my coworker) who obviously yearns for my corner office.  As of yet, I have no proof that he did it, but Mousey shall not die in vain.

He gave his life for me.  Sniff.

<Yes, I am bored.  No, the peanut butter was not poisoned>