The past three weeks have been hell — and not for the reason that you think. It seems that the Chinese are quite upset over the West protesting the Olympics. So upset that Chinese Nationalists (we usually call them the Government) decided to attack websites across the Western World.

My websites:,, and are all in the Western World — and fell prey to something called a SQL Injection Attack. What the hell is a SQL injectino attack? It means that someone has royally screwed my websites.

ALL the information was compromised. Hundreds of records, thousands of fields of the database — ruined.

Late last night, after three weeks of HELL, I finally found the code. It looks something like this: DECLARE%20@S%20NVARCHAR(4000);SET%20@S=CAST(0x440045004300

Wow, isn’t that impressive. That code (while incomplete…hey, I’m not completely stupid) was written by the devil.

I’ve learned more about security in the past 2-3 weeks than I did in my previous 35 years (well, considering I didn’t know anything, that really isn’t impressive at all).

First rule of security — the Chinese SUCK

Second rule of security — never give your Vietnamese workers the passwords to your database (because they’ll surrender them to the Chinese at the first hint of trouble).

Third rule of security — as if you can bomb them back into the stone age, make sure they’re already not living in the bamboo age.

Fourth rule of security — never bring a knife to a gun fight.

There, you follow those rules, and your website will be secure.

Free Tibet (where ever the hell it is).