This was my second journey to Genrecon down in the mighty city of Sarnia. This event is free (ALWAYS a good thing) and features writers at various stages of their career. On hand was Rick Blechta, Caitlin Sweet, Suzanee Church, and Eric Choi (there were others, but these were the ones I leeched…errr, latched onto).

As it becoming tradition, Caitlin and I headed to Lola’s (a place that should have nude women, but doesn’t) to chat about Lola’s (really, why aren’t there naked women there? If you decorate a place like that, don’t suddenly skimp out and NOT hire the women).

But back to Genrecon…the audience/panel ratio is 2 to 1…so it’s really easy to meet people, to chat with them, without forking over the big bucks of a convention.

Of course, as I talk to more people, it becomes obvious ‘no one knows nothing’. Rick Blechta (the Guest of Honour) began his career with self publication (a route I was going to take several years ago). Of course, Robert Sawyer has declared that a death knell for your already non-existent career…

Caitlin went the route of simply ‘publishing my first book’. Screw you, Caitlin.

Suzanne seems to be traveling down the same route as me — publishing short stories (though further down the highway). She’s currently at twelve and is almost ready to start sending out to agents again.

And Eric Choi is happy with short stories. Oh yeah, he’s smart. Wicked smart.