GenreCon 2007 was in Sarnia…which is nice because it’s only an hour away (nice!) and is free (nicer!). This is another attempt to meet some people, make some contacts, and generally hang out with other genre writers (most people call them geeks — mostly higher functioning geeks but not all)

I got there a little late for Rob Sawyer’s lecture. Unfortunately, he didn’t get to do a reading (he’s great at those). After that was a little bit of meet and greet. So I met some people.

Met Caitlin Sweet and Sarah Zettel, both really nice people who have already broken into the business. Some interesting insights from them.

Also met Kelley Armstrong, the hugely successful writer. Unfortunately, couldn’t chat too long with her as she was busy working on one of her manuscripts.

All in all, a great day — some interesting talks, and it was nice meeting some people that I can look forward to seeing again at the World Fantasy Convention (I even offered to let them crash at my motel if they’re kicked out of the nice hotel…by crash, I mean I’ll give them a blanket to sleep outside my door)