…and I was in heaven.

Most of you don’t know the depths of my geekdom. I try (for the most part) to keep it locked away. They are interests that I keep in the back of my closet beside the porn (I joke about the porn…everyone knows that’s on the coffee table).

The World Horror Convention was a chance to meet somewhat like-minded individuals (geeks). Talk about things that make eyes glaze over for ‘normal’ people. Star Wars, Space 1999, Battlestar Galactica, Robotech (Rob Sawyer wrote a sequel for it), Doctor Who…

Overall, a good weekend. A good start, I suppose. The convention started on Thursday, I got there Friday afternoon…and I missed a lot, especially the panels. However, I didn’t have high expectations because it’s not really my genre (I have elements of horror…but it’s not my main focus). Still, I got an idea of how these things work and I’ll be better prepared at the World Fantasy Convention (even more geekdom) in November.

The weekend also gave me a chance to catch up with Rob Sawyer and Randy McCharles.

Next up, however, is GenreCon in Sarnia, a one day event with Rob Sawyer and Kelley Armstrong in attendance.