$100 gone.

But worth every penny. So why the title? Fair warning? Doesn’t it imply that I’m warning you away from the Western Fair? No, it’s just a title, don’t read too much into it.

This was Paige’s 3rd annual trip to the fair and Cordy’s second. Of course, Cordy a year ago was a big ball of baby so it didn’t really count.

Kari will be writing an official entry on the Western Fair experience over on Gottalovepink.com. Of course, I could scoop her here, ruin all her fun, but that wouldn’t be very nice. And I’m a nice person.

So I’ll just write some of my observations:

– Paige is a freak. She doesn’t like Elephant Ears.

– Cordy is a genius. She loves Elephant Ears.

– $4 face painting of Spidey is the greatest investment you can make

– Above $4 face painting doesn’t hold up well to tears

– There are actual, live, 9 foot tall robots at the fair

– The Fair likes to use tickets, so you don’t realize you just spent $3 sending a kid on a train ride that is slower than her tricycle

– Scratch that — because you have to accompany them, you actually spent $6

– Don’t put the sick guy (me) on the spinny rides with the kids

– Don’t be fooled into thinking that corn dogs and pogos are the same thing. I found out this morning that they’re not. Why aren’t there brochures, or FAQs, or wikis to help us distinguish? I feel pretty silly now.

– ice cream is ordered by colour, not by flavour.

– I spent $100 but was too cheap to pay the $4 for parking — so we walked three miles. That’s called parking harder, not smarter.

– it’s way better with friends (we bumped into Jeff and Aidan)

I put this right up there with the Ailsa Craig Turtle Races. Of course, the Turtle Races cost us $20. But still — this was a great time. If the budget could afford it (it can’t because Kari decided to quit her job — look at me, I’m a stay at home mom…look at me watching my stories…look at me, being all unemployed) I would definitely go back.