The octopus (Octopus octopus), part of the -pus family, is a marine-dwelling feline species with large friendly eyes and an (as yet) undetermined number of tentacles.

Other interesting facts (as taken from uncyclopedia):

-In the extremely distant past the northern reticulated octopus was often thrown onto the ice at Red Wings games, as early as the year A.D. 2215. The Red Wings were a popular badminton team from Nuevo Detroit. Archaeologists have not determined why they played badminton on ice.

-Octopuses tend to enjoy frigid arid climates, such as your mom. The semi-organic secretions of the vagina supplies the octopus with a vast amount of raw material for the cultivation of hemp, as well as providing an ideal laboratory for the study of cryogenics. Although many of their gods are hard to reach through the thick hide of the cavernous walls, the benefits of vaginal living far outweigh the negatives of angering the Great Octopus God Xanadu, for some reason.