Now some of you may think that I was in Toronto this past weekend. Nope. Just a clever back story. I was actually LIVE at UFC 71 – Liddell vs Rampage. A classic battle of well, one guy with fists vs guy who wears a chain. You know, that old chestnut. But I have EXCLUSIVE pics.

The one on top is Cordelia. Now, to the untrained eye, Cordy is in control. But to those with a little more background in the art of fighting realize that Paige has pulled guard — a position that is actually preferred for many fighters. In only a couple of moves, she can either slap on an Arm Triangle, perhaps even an Arm Bar, or even is she spins and swivels her hips, a leg lock.

This next picture is quite impressive. This is Paige performing a Sweep. This is a move designed to reverse position on the ground. One only has to look at the look on Cordelia’s face to see the concentration of combat.

And next, Paige continues the beautiful move by now going for a rear naked choke. While this is all textbook, Cordelia should’ve been able to defend against this move. Sadly, she’ll have to do extra laps tomorrow as punishment for such a poor showing.