I know that you’re asking yourself the same question I am: how could they possibly make Evil Dead II even better? I know, tough question. One that has baffled people for years.

I’ll tell you how.


Put it to music and have it as live theatre. What a great idea. An idea so awesome it reminds me of Coverdale/Page, or Chocolate and Coffee, or Strippers and Cops. Why…those are ALL of my favourite things!

So the tickets are booked. May 26th I’m going back to T.O. This time, I’ll be taking Kari, Brian, and Charlene. That’s right — I’m all cultured and stuff by watching live theatre. To make the cultural experience even more upscale, we’ll be sitting in the ‘blood splatter’ rows.

While I’m in T.O. I’ll make another trip to Bakka books (best book store ever) and stock up on Fantasy/Sci-Fi novels. Maybe a little Salad King, maybe a little street meat (errr, I mean hotdogs here, folks), and maybe some Queen Street shopping.

And hopefully, just hopefully, I can bring back a little blood with me, courtesy of Evil Dead: the Musical.