As usual, I’ve gone over my projected word count…and I’ve even cut out the core of the story. So the overview I wrote a few posts back…yeah, nothing like that now. Now, the story focuses on Varley as he tries to figure out a way to augment his powers of luck for the ultimate poker game.

Of course, this isn’t just any poker game. It’s a game attended by a Bounty Killer, a Succubus, and a Werewolf. But Varley has what they don’t: a mage’s deck. No problem, right?

I’m in the first edit now. Next, I’ll send it out to my third world friends to get a review.

As for The Sorcerer’s Wife, I’ll wait to get back the critiques from my online group (the group from Banff) then I’ll be posting it here on this site (for free!).

I’ve booked my plane tickets to Edmonton in January. I hear January is a beautiful time to visit Edmonton. Sunny, warm, lots of bikinis. Should be nice.

In house news: things slowed down a fair bit. With our move-in date postponed, many of the contractors have decided that they’ll start taking it easy. Well, that’s no good. I’m bringing in some new people, got rid of one contractor, and have told others that they have to get moving. Only two weeks until move-in…and it doesn’t look that much different than a week ago.