Evil Dead the Musical.

What a show.

Seriously. It was held at the Diesel Playhouse (the old SCTV Firehall). A nice venue with a licensed bar up front. Kari and I got there a bit early, had a few drinks, hung out, had a good time.

Now, when I was ordering these tickets, I was worried about our seats. When Kari nixed the ‘splatterzone’ (something about not wanting blood on her at 9pm on a Saturday night in TO) I got the next best tickets. But the place is so small that there’s no such thing as a bad seat.

The show was hilarious. The music was okay, not in the realm of Les Mis, or a Chorus Line but the lyrics was just damn funny (You f’ng stabbed me, you stupid Bitch). Do the Necronomicon ‘borrowed’ heavily from the Timewarp of the Rocky Horror Picture Show (at one point, the lyrics even mentioned — like the Timewarp, only better).

And then when the blood finally did start flowing, wow. They doused the first three aisles pretty damned good.

All in all, a great time at the show. The rest of the weekend was pretty good too. Kari and I didn’t head to Toronto until almost noon (we ended up having 3 showings, which delayed our departure) but we did the usually Salad King pilgrimage (I’m down to 1 chili in the spice department, but my poor belly’s telling me even that might be too hot for me now — mind you, it could’ve been the spicy Caesars that soon followed….)

Went to Bakka books. Picked up another couple of winners (I’m hoping).

Then, back in Londonland, Brian, John and I got together to watch the UFC from the night before. Now, Brian had inadvertently discovered the outcome, then he inadvertently gave us the result…but the first four fights were all pretty good. Damn exciting.

All in all, a fantastic weekend…throw in the fact that someone is highly interested in our house (no offer yet), and it was a whirlwind of activity.