I’ve been lazy with my webpage…well, not really lazy, but
downright depressed.

Elizabeth Colins, CEO of Gardenia Press passed away three weeks
ago. Her death has thrown into doubt the publishing company and
my book.

So here I was thinking that this was my ticket in, and then fate
throws a wrench into the gears. At first, I was completely
distraught. You see, my contract has an ’18’ month clause, that
basically, if the work isn’t published in that time, the author gets
all rights back. That clause is to protect me. But it means that
they can very easily shut their doors, wait 18 months, and allow all
contracts to end.

So then I thought — what about just buying Gardenia Press?
Hmmm, interesting thought. Why not? Then I thought,
no, I don’t want to get in the publishing business, so then I was
depressed again. Then I thought that maybe this is a good
thing. Maybe this is for the best. You see, my book has now
been rigorously edited and is much better now than before.

Is it ready for a bigger publisher? Maybe.

So now I received word from Gardenia that we’ll be given options
tonight. I’ve heard word that someone bought Gardenia and if we
want, we can transfer our novels to them. But now I’m thinking
that maybe I don’t want to do that.

Hold on, hold on, I’m not completely crazy. This is like being up
about a $1000 in Vegas, with a chance to go for $100,000. Would
you do it? Maybe a better analogy would be that you’re up
$50,000 in Vegas, with a chance for $500,000.

The stakes are high. What if I never get published again? But
what if I get picked up by a bigger publisher? I’m come so close,
with a dreadfully edited book. Now what if I send in a book that is
polished and ready for print.

Like I said: ‘hmmm’.