I am pleased to report that my short story entitled the Sorcerer’s Wife has a home.  Today, the Sorcerer’s Wife was accepted for publication at Chicago Overcoat. Sam Madison, a hard-boiled, rent-a-cop is hired to protect the corpse of a sorcerer.  Unfortunately for Sam, Sorcerers have a tendency to not stay dead.

What is Chicago Overcoat? “Hard-boiled detective” meets ________.

From their website:

This will be a collection of stories that are slipstream, cross-genre, surreal, humorous, SF/Fantasy, and experimental.

More than anything, however, stories will focus on noir. Since the term “Chicago Overcoat” is taken straight from The Big Sleep, the stories of this anthology will be as new and adventurous as its inspiration material was back in the day.

And this is the acceptance letter:

Congratulations, Chicago Overcoat wants you!

Your story has survived a rather long and arduous selection process, and now that the smoke has cleared, we’re finally getting notifications out. Sorry for the delay, but this task was made even more difficult thanks to a number of utterly fantastic stories. Still, if that’s our complaint, then what’s bad for us will be great for the anthology, and we hope that you are as excited to still be a part of this as we are to make it.

This is obviously good news…not only because of the publication credit, but because this is my first story in actual print (not electrons).  This story is the first that I wrote after my Banff Experience in 2006.  It brings my total credits to four: The Last Rite (Alienskin), Five Crates of DragonRoot (Afterburn SF), the New Kid (finalist in the JKFD contest) and now the Sorcerer’s Wife (Chicago Overcoat).