A quick trip down the 401 brought me to Bakka Phoenix books where I was helping to launch Blood and Water (edited by Hayden Trenholm and published through Bundoran Press. Also in attendance are Julie Czerneda and Stephanie Bedwell-Grime.

It includes my story A Rash of Flowers.

About Blood & Water: Conflicts over resources are as old as human history.

Climate change, along with continued population expansion and changes to the world economic order, adds a significant new factor to the equation. We can live without diamonds and gold, we can even find alternatives to oil, but water, food, land, and air are irreplaceable.

Blood & Water presents an impressive collection of writers representing every region of the country whose stories are set from coast to coast to coast.

Mostly science fiction, with a sprinkling of the fantastic, Blood and Water presents a bleak future – but also offers hope and even joy.

Perhaps that is the ‘uniquely Canadian perspective’- every conflict has a resolution, every problem has an answer.