Black Swan Press (BSP) is ready to launch. This site will feature my writing in an attempt to gain a readership. At launch, it will feature only one story (Sorcerer’s Wife) but as time goes on, I plan on offering more stories, serialized novels, and even some fantasy gaming stuff.

For those of you who have followed along, BSP was originally going to be the portal to my self-publishing career. However, after my Banff experience, I’ve since changed my outlook. BSP’s sole purpose will be to build a readership and circulate my stories. I will be attempting to publish many of what will be found on

John Teeter did the BSP logo.
Brian Garside did much of the layouts and designs of the sites. He actually did 5 sites (yup, five) when I was planning on offering a site for each of my novels. That’s been shelved, but hopefully I’ll be able to use them again some day when they’re published.

The website is

All downloads will be free but you must register first. This is so I can track readership (figure out if anyone is reading anything) as well as compiling an email list for a Blackswanpress newsletter.

The Sorcerer’s Wife is the first release. It will be followed shortly by Dance of the Dead, and hopefully at the new year the recently completed Drawing Dead. BSP will be a work in progress…so send me any suggestions or comments.