BSP is dead before it was even born. My poor friend Brian slaved over five different sites…and I’m pulling the plug. Of course, all his hard work isn’t for nothing (well, I paid him nothing, but that’s another story).

I’m still going to use all those sites to promote my work. I’m also going to start posting all edited and professional short stories here and through my affiliated sites.

Which is why you’ll notice I’ve removed all the current short stories from this site. Because I see on my stats that one of you actually downloaded it…and it’s not very good (well, the editing is awful).

So no reading that anymore.

I’m almost finished my first short story re-edit. It’s called Dance of the Dead and it’s about lovers who are allowed to be together for only five minutes each life…and that five minutes is at the time of their death. I wrote it when I was 24 or 25, sent it out a few times, came close, then put it in a drawer.

I’m pulling it out now. I’ve already done a re-edit and have cut 3500 extraneous words, bringing it down to 5000 words. Amazing how much I’ve cut out without changing the story.